Sunday, 14 July 2013

Online Examination System

Online Examination System

Online Examination System with proper count down and generating report functionalities. The purpose of this project is to develop Online Examination System. The manual procedure used in educational institutions for conducting exam is time consuming and error prone due to human limitations. The System purpose is to completely automate the old manual procedure of conducting exam to Online Web Based Examination System. There is no need to monitor while a person is taking the exam. All the instructions are displayed to the user before he takes the test.
This is a web based application and developed in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005. There is a Count Down timer for each Question Paper. All the web pages of this application has easy to use interface. This web application is very flexible and user friendly.
This project has 3 modules: Front end, backend and database. In front end, Student registration form (with email notification), login, exam paper with countdown timer and result functionalities are added. The examination consists of multiple choice questions. The answers are evaluated and the marks obtained for each along with the answer given by the student are stored in the database.
Timer for Online Examination System
A timer can also be added to the Online Examination System. The start time and the end time of the exam (the time of submission) is recorded. The system will not accept submission of the answers after the time limit is over. However, this feature is not recommended for exams which are physically supervised.
Admin module or backend consists of Batch details, student details, question banks, reports and admin privileges.
Online Exam System, .Net Project
Question bank contains large number of questions. You can create a new question bank or even add new questions to the existing one. There are two choices to set a new exam paper. First, you can create a new exam paper on your own. Second, you can use an existing question bank to create exam paper from the available questions in the selected question bank. You also have the possibility to open a test if saved.
This application maintains the details of each student as well as provides a facility for editing the student details if required. Authentication is provided Via Sessions and the password is stored in encrypted form (MD5 hash) in the database.
The examiner can get the results immediately in a detailed mark list where the marks obtained by the student in each subject are shown (red for below passing marks). This application also shows total number of students passed in each batch.
This Online Examination System can be modified and customized to suit the need of any Educational Institutions. This software is particularly suited to conduct competitive exams like recruitment exams as it will save valuable time spent on assessing the answer books and the results can be obtained immediately.


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