Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Useful Codes Link Ajax Rating Both way Json array CaptchaImage Facebook canvas login framework 5410 Facebook Login_Post to wall framework 5410 Facebook Retrieve Friends GridView Login_Post to wall framework 5410 How to display smileys on website
This example shows how you can display smileys on website. This can be used if you have a blog or forum. The code shows that before you publish a post you can insert smiley as :-) or :-D and the code will change the written smiley to a pic smiley. You can also make your own smileys or delete or insert new smiles to the source. NOTICE: if you use Server.HtmlEncode() method this won't work. Enjoy! This example can be downloaded here How to use fancybox with jquery htmlpageToPdf htmlToPdf Lazy loading with gridview MessageBox Use of Gridview and Datalist with MySQL

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